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"I have lost 213 pounds, going from 395 to 181."

-Beth Lichtenfels, Indiana Pennsylvania
"My personal goal was to not only increase my exercise, but not to be tricked into fad diets."

-V. Corbett, Gordon College
"...They snack less, eat better at meals, and are happier and have more energy!"

-Terri Carmon, Cortland New York
The Portion Plate® has been used by half a million dietitians, educators, and consumers to reinforce balanced eating and a healthy diet. Now, we’ve relaunched all of our plates and placemats with a new look, and introduced a brand new plate for young children, all designed to reinforce the latest USDA nutrition guidelines.

The plate’s messages are simple: when you eat a meal, try to make half your plate fruits and vegetables, eat more whole grains, and don’t oversize your portions. And we’ve added vibrant food photos on one design to remind you to eat a variety of colors as part of your nutritious, balanced eating. 

In short, the plate will help you remember healthy eating habits every time you sit down to eat. Even when you are not at home, you’ll remember the visual cues of the plate and be less tempted to overload your portions. 

Learn more about using the plates:

All plates are dishwasher safe. Also check out our portion control placemats and brochures, as well as our traditional plates with pictures of everyday objects that show proper food portion sizes.

Younger children are going crazy over our latest kid’s plate. It features a fun cast of colorful characters representing a wide variety of healthy foods. The new placemat has fun games and other ways to keep young children engaged and entertained while they learn about nutrition and proper portions. Perfect for parents who want to teach these important messages early on!   
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"Very inspiring, educational product."

"On a scale of 1-10, it would give a 10.  
I love it."

It’s great for teachers and home schooling!  
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