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"We found out about The Portion Plate via our Nutritionist. We are going through the process for Weight Loss Surgery. He suggested your website as a helpful tool." 

"Great quality, neatly packed and promptly delivered! I am sure I will be back to the site to order more."

"I bought 3 portion plates, one for me and one for each of my roommates, and so far, we are thrilled with them! They really make you aware about how much you are consuming."  

"I was thrilled to have the Portion Plates, as I am a Weight Watcher Leader and the plates are very compatible with the Weight Watcher Plan." 

"Very inspiring, educational product." 

"On a scale of 1-10, it would give a 10.  I love it." 

"I have lost 213 pounds, going from 395 to 181. I did it through diet and exercise. Portion control (thanks to the plate) has been a huge factor in my weight loss. I am trying to lose these extra 30 lbs and the plate is helping me reach my goals steadily and healthfully. The plate helps me portion out things easier. It has helped me immensely!" 
Beth Lichtenfels, Indiana Pennsylvania

"My personal goal was to not only increase my exercise, but not be tricked into fad diets. I know the only healthy way to lose weight is to go back to what we all learned as children: Eat right! The plate gives the visual I needed to put what I knew into action. It is an innovative way to teach children how to start on the right foot! We need to tackle this problem of obesity and it is not going to happen in crash diets, but in eating nutritious food and the right amount of it. May we eat to live...not live to eat!" 
V. Corbett, Gordon College

"Meal time is so much better now with the Portion Plate. I use it with my day care children and family. They now eat the right amounts which makes a difference in many ways. They snack less, eat better at meals, and are happier and have more energy!" 
Terri Carmon, Cortland New York

"I'm working towards reaching a healthy weight and have dropped 25 of my 75 excess pounds so far. The plate is immensely helpful as it keeps me honest and encouraged! Focus matters, as does intent. The plate is my ally in resetting my intention on my focus each time I see and/or use it."
Leah Palki Be, Lakewood Colorado

"The Portion Plate is a simple, but great idea. It is so easy to overload a plate with too much food with the waste not want not philosophy instilled in me as a child. The first time I used my Portion Plate, I  deliberately chose the smallest piece of salmon, and was amazed that it overflowed on both sides of the plate...hardly room for anything else! So I could instantly see that my portions were too big. I am buying one for all my friends." 
Helen Porter, McLean Virginia

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